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Evaluation Agreement Sample

8 diciembre, 2020

CONSIDERING that the donor wishes to acquire a license from the licensee and that the taker wishes to acquire a license for the PlanGrid service only for the purpose of internal evaluation of the licensee during the period defined by the Guarantee Fund and other means, subject to the terms of the agreement, NOW, THEREFORE, given the reciprocal obligations, conditions and conditions stipulated in it, and other good and valuable counterparties whose receipt and sufficiency are recognized, the parties agree in the following way: if the evaluator has been terminated at some time or is no longer used for any reason, and that an alternate expert appointed in accordance with the evaluation agreement has not been appointed within 90 days. , courtesy of the Lender Committee. CONSIDERING that licensees provide markets, licenses and other services with an offer of «as-a-service software» that allows subscribers, among other things, to use the PlanGrid field cooperation platform, as described in more detail in the SOF (the «PlanGrid Service»); and (b) if the licensee or one of its employees, Authorized contractors or users submits verbally or in writing recommended suggestions or changes to PlanGrid Service or PlanGrid Documentation, including, but not limited to, new functions or functions, or comments, questions, suggestions or other («Feedback»), the licensee is free to use these comments regardless of other obligations or restrictions between the parties that regulate such feedback. The licensee, on behalf of the licensee and on behalf of his employees, Contractors and/or agents, adheres to the licensee all rights, titles and interests and rights over the licensee, without any party being able to use ideas, know-how, concepts, techniques or any other intellectual property rights contained in the feedback for any purpose, while the licensee is not obliged to use dissemination information, although the licensee does not need to use broadcast information. RSI can adjust the compensation of this agreement by providing thirty (30) days in writing of such adaptations to Customer.IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties led to the implementation of this candidate agreement and evaluation of tenants on their behalf at the time of the first written statement. RENTAL SERVICES, INC. (a) The licensee acknowledges that the licensee has, between the licensee and the licensee, all rights, titles and interests, including all intellectual property rights, on and on the PlanGrid service and the PlanGrid documentation. Evaluation Services Agreement – Renee Franklin Action Item: On the recommendation of the Elementary Learning and Diversity Subcommittee, Request for Contract Renewal with the University of Nebraska Medical Center to provide the Munroe Meyer Institute with assessment and counselling services for elementary education programs, as outlined in the Program Evaluation Agreement, and appropriated up to $409,006.00 from the Elementary Learning Center Fund Budget for fiscal year 2018/2019.