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Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Enterprise Agreement

12 diciembre, 2020

These unacceptable cuts would affect all parts of the company, from the orchestra and choir to hair and makeup, costumes, stage construction and the stage and technology team. Worse still, management wants to terminate employment contracts, set wages and conditions for those who remain. An MSO spokeswoman said the board had made a decision on the «financial reality» that if the orchestra had continued to pay its employees at a reduced level, it would have burned in its reserves and acted in default until Christmas – or even until October. The process of developing this agreement has been developing for more than a decade. Since 2009, through the work of Peter Gardner and former NSO 820 President Dan Rubin, and in 2016 with former CFM 820 President Greg Bruce, this agreement will benefit NSO players and management in the long term. In addition to 13 unfilled positions, the layoffs would bring the orchestra`s permanent strength to 40 players, according to a letter to Australian musicians from The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. «It`s smaller than the Tasmanian Symphony,» he says. «The result is that our orchestra would cease to exist, except in the name, because we would become a semi-relaxed ensemble.» The orchestra will discuss what a musician said could be a «confrontational» letter to the board, expressing disillusionment and anger at the management`s announcement late Tuesday that all players will be removed from next week. Members of the Opera Australia Orchestra were sold without pay in March.

Credit: Louise Kennerley The MSO, like her fellow orchestras, has juggled a lot. The question is how the MSO removed it. «We understand finances and there are a lot of bills to pay… But they still receive $15 million from the government ,» said a musician who is familiar with the negotiations and who did not want to be named because of precarious relations with management. We are the only orchestra in the country to be treated in this way. «We have proposed an alternative agreement on emergency measures, in which workers would be prepared to take a temporary reduction in wages in order to reduce financial pressure and preserve employment. It has worked for other major performing arts companies such as the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. «We invite Opera Australia to do the same for its orchestral musicians at the Opera Australia Orchestra. The future health of the art sector depends on our ability to maintain employment and skills if we are again able to perform. Another musician, who did not want to be named because of the ongoing relationship with the orchestra, said they were «completely blind» to the stand-down announcement. «All major cities have great orchestras – they are part of the fabric of a cultured civilization,» said members of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. «And we can`t have one of the most famous operas in the world without an Opera Australia Orchestra booming for indoor performances.» «The musicians in Australian orchestras are of the highest quality,» said members of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. «We have honed our professional skills through years of hard work, practice and effort.

Those of us who are masterful enough to make our way into one of our refined orchestras did so because they proved that they were part of a team. As a sports team, we are not replaced or replaced by sub-studies on game day. «The OA is committed to advancing a full-time orchestra and choir,» the spokesperson said. But it created a lot of bad blood. Some interest groups are looking for ways to improve the corporate governance of the orchestra, which is ultimately owned by MSO Holdings. It has attracted thousands of signatures worldwide. «No other symphony orchestra in Australia has done that,» one supporter wrote.