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Pipeline Agreement

15 diciembre, 2020

National Stack-Chimney Agreement Parties: Laborers` International Union, United Brotherhood of Carpenters, Iron Workers and individuals. Scope: Within the limits of the United States, the construction of cover by leap or the method of sliding hollow concrete columns, such as chimneys. The agreement includes the construction of chimneys and chimneys of all materials normally installed by the signatory craftsmen, as well as the repair and demolition of one of the aforementioned works. In addition to supervision, the employer is allowed to provide up to a third of the workforce outside the local jurisdiction. Validity date: The contract remains in effect until it is terminated after 90 days of written notification from one party to the other party. Changes can be made by mutual agreement at any time. The agreement will be renewed by project. Maintenance: includes all work on existing structures, such as chimneys, batteries, coatings, coatings, washers, separators and their applicability, including pipe work and assembly structures. Other hollow concrete columns, such as fountains. B sagging and groove towers, are also included, and at each power supply. Ahead of the agreement: this addendum includes all pre-moulding or modification of chimneys, batteries and linerns, including pipe work and assembly structures. National Specialty Agreement Parties: Laborers` International Union and individual employers.

Scope: includes the specific work defined by the employer and agreed by the union. Validity dates: varies according to the employers who signed. National Pipeline AgreementParties: Laborers` International Union and the Pipeline Contractors Association.Scope: Valid for all transportation and ground wiring in the United States The agreement covers the construction, installation, dual connection, insulation, insulation, repair, testing, commissioning, laying or offshoring of cross-country ski lines or their segments, coal , oil, water or other transportable materials, vapors or liquids, including parts of these pipelines within the boundaries of private property until the first measuring station or link. Effective Date: June 5, 2017 – May 31, 2020.National Distribution Agreement Parties: Laborers` International Union and Distribution Contractors of America.Scope: Applies to all pipelines and supply buildings, including other underground distribution facilities for utilities or private services (other than pipelines and water pipes) in the United States. The agreement covers the repair, maintenance, repair, installation, treatment and repair of distribution lines that carry coal, gas, oil or other similar materials, vapours or liquids (other than pipes and water pipes), as well as telephone lines and power lines. (Addendum B is located on the private liuNA website) Validity dates: June 1, 2017 – May 31, 2022 National Service Contracts Parties: Laborers` International Union and signatory service companies. Application: Used based on the site.