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Visual Studio Installer License Agreement

20 diciembre, 2020

I am trying to create a simple installation program and I wanted to insert a licensing agreement. Step 9: Select the license contract file that is saved in .rtf extension of your computer, then click ok as shown in the graph below: In the dialog box Add the dialog, click the «License Agreement» icon and click «OK.» A licensing form is added to your installation program in the Start group. That`s interesting. I`ve never had that. Are you sure the text is in the license file? Normally, he would complain if there was no file to find, but apparently it seems that you have attached it appropriately. I would like to add a licensing agreement to my installation files (with the installation project) If the user does not accept it, the installation should be cancelled. I added a new license dialog box, then I added the license file to the RTF format to the installation project and specified the LicenseFile ownership of the License Agreement dialog box. Since the license agreement is only displayed by the bootstrapper if at least one pre-installation is provided for installation, you can view the license agreement when the MSI is launched. To prevent the EULA dialog box from appearing in the MSI, if it is already displayed in the boostrapper, you must display it under certain conditions via an ad…

State. This option allows you to view a page of THE AUDIT ASSISTANCE IN THE REQUIS ASSISTANT. Select the RTF license file in the «EULA Path (.rtf)» field. I can`t replicate this – works well in vs 2005 configuration projects. I added the «License Agreement» dialog box and searched the LicenseFile property to my RTF file. If you`ve selected the «License Agreement» dialog box, use the «Properties» window to customize your app`s options as needed. The most important thing to define here is the «LicenseFile» property, which shows the text file containing the license agreement to display. What happens when you create a new project and do the same, just add the license agreement. I have recreated the entire project and I still haven`t seen that the license text is displayed in the dialog box. No construction errors or warnings are reported.

Now, if you install the installation file, you will see that after the welcome screen, the license agreement option will be displayed by the user, as shown in the graph below: If you can`t find the text file containing your license agreement, you need to add it to your installation project.