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What Was The Purpose Of The Start Agreements Brainly

21 diciembre, 2020

3.2 We do not claim ownership of your user content and the property will remain with you and third parties whose content you include in your user content. Instead, you grant us a global license, non-exclusive, free and unlimited for use, reproduction, reproduction, distribution, customization, adaptation, reformatting, publication, publication, translation, license, sub-license and any other way to provide user content, anywhere and in all its forms, for the purpose of providing the service (including users who give access to the user`s content to view). This app was really good for me before, but now I`m heartbreaking and sad. To begin with this criticism, the people who answered my questions said «OK.» Now, a few weeks ago, I still used this application for my homework. This application is slow or fast enough to answer your questions depending on the difficulty and the chance that people will answer your question. Just to keep themselves, anyone can answer your questions and the answers can really be unused and off topic. So yesterday I reached my goal of answering 100 questions, and I needed more points for the rank expert. This morning I needed help with my homework and I was looking for answers. Turns out someone deleted all my answers and handed my points to 211 instead of 711. My Brainiest have also been erased from 11 to 0. This is really unacceptable and leave this application forever. Over the years, it turned from angel to devil, and I couldn`t do anything about this application. It also offered a free trial and Brainly Premium, that sort of thing and I could only see 15 questions for free.

I saw brainly Premium wha was for and I was shocked! I could post questions, get good answers and much more, but it`s not helpful. Whoever reads this and wants to download it, doesn`t do it! You understand that some features of these Brainly services may be reserved for registered users. Registered users have the right to use the products, services and features provided by Brainly, as well as the content and information published on Brainly Services, only as part of their own needs, for non-commercial purposes. If products, services, functions, content or information are subject to copyright or other intellectual property rights, the registered user may use them in authorized use under all applicable third-party licenses and such copyrights and neighbouring rights. Unless otherwise provided by these Brainly Subscription Terms, the use of products, services, features, content or information is free in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. At the same time, Brainly offers a bit of that in a situation where physical contact with the teacher or other students is impossible. We have 200 million users worldwide and 11 million in Poland. The average Polish student visits Brainly at least once a month, and many of them do so several times a day. These statistics are improving year after year, which means that we are proposing a much-needed solution to create a gap in the education system. I think what is missing is this space to learn together and be appreciated for its help.

You agree to use Brainly Services and all products, services, features, content, information or other material available on, via or in connection with Brainly Services or your Brainly subscription, including, but not only on mobile software, for legal, personal and information purposes. You agree that you do not maliciously use the resources made available on De Brainly services, which are malicious or contrary to local, national, national or international law in force, or to intellectual property or third-party property rights; You agree to copy, reproduce, display or link to parts of Brainly Services or Services, services, information or other materials available on or via Brainly Services or your Brainly subscription, including, but not exclusively, mobile software, for commercial purposes, for commercia purposes.