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Development And License Agreement

9 abril, 2021

«Open Source Qt» refers to non-commercial Qt computer software software that is licensed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 2.1 or Later («LGPL») or the GNU General Public License, Version 2.0 or Later («GPL»). For reasons of clarity, Qt open source cannot be made available or regulated under this agreement. To view type trust agreements, hardware transfer agreements or research cooperation agreements, please return to our standard agreements site. (vi) The licensee may not distribute, sublicensing or disclose the source code of the software granted to third parties (provided, however, that the licensee may designate the (s) collaborator (s) of the contracting parties for the use of licensed software as a designated user in accordance with this agreement. This right may be made available to the licensee subject to a separate licensing agreement («SDK») to be concluded with The Qt Company; 4 PUBLISHING EXTENSIONS4.1 The following types of extensions are accepted on marketplace:4.1.1 Free ExtensionsExtensions provided free of charge by individuals or registered companies. 4.1.2 Marketplace Paid ExtensionsExtensions that pay end customers via the Marketplace. When providing extensions that the final customer must pay via Marketplace, the publisher provides Qt Company with an integration into the provision API provided and managed by The Qt Company.4.1.3 Paying Publisher Extensions Extensions, which the final customer pays directly to the publisher. Extensions that the final customer must pay directly to the publishing house are agreed separately with the Qt Company before being downloaded into the Marketplace and can only be downloaded into the Marketplace before such an agreement is reached.4.2 Extensions paid for under sections 4.1.2 and 4.1.3 can only be provided to Marketplace by registered companies. Marketplace does not accept paid extensions from individuals.4.3 Publishing Extension on Marketplace and/or their payments may depend on the requirement to sign up for a user account or other verification method, as established by The Qt Company from time to time, discreetly. This method of user account or verification may be subject to additional conditions.4.4 Subject to the terms of this agreement, the publisher is free to determine the conditions applicable to the use of extensions by the end customer («BAM»).

Such a C.A.C.A. is carried out exclusively between the published final customer and the relevant final customer. The Qt company is not responsible and assumes no responsibility under this JOURNAL.4.5 Publisher is responsible for accompanying extensions with sufficient, accurate and up-to-date documentation. 4.6 For reasons of clarity, nothing in this agreement should be construed as a restriction on the publisher`s right to freely determine the prices and channels of its products, including extensions and the promotion and free distribution of extensions through other channels, at the sole discretion of publishers, However, provided that the publisher does not use user information obtained through Marketplace for the sale or distribution of products (including extensions) through other channels.5 END CUSTOMER SUPPORT5.1 The publisher is solely responsible for supporting and maintaining the extensions downloaded from Marketplace as well as processing end customer claims.5.2 Publisher is free to decide the level and content of the media at its discretion. However, publisher acknowledges and accepts that Marketplace has a global reach and that it is not possible to provide adequate support to end-customers, This can likely lead to negative ratings and ratings that could result in low exposure, low revenue and increased refunds.5.3 Notwithstanding the above, the publisher provides at least one up-to-date email address:5.3.1 email address or online service with which customers can ask questions, file complaints or report problems; and 5.3.2 telephone, email or web support access that the Qt Company can use to forward end customer requests and complaints to the publisher.