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Heu Collective Agreement 2020 Facilities

10 abril, 2021

Members of the hospital`s employees` union voted 96% in favour of a strike in support of their contractual demands. The union says it is seeking basic job security and fair wages. HEU members provide food and cleaning services in hospitals and health care facilities throughout B.C. Steps have been taken to ensure the integrity of personal data and to protect it from abuse, loss or change. All information provided to The Tyee is only available to employees or subcontractors who, in agreement with The Tyee, are required to keep the information secret. Email addresses are only used for the purpose of correspondence or comments related to Tyee. The interviews focus on 75 hospitals and extended care facilities in four different health agencies, involving 11 different collective agreements. If the scheme applies to the spread of COVID-19, workers in long-term care facilities will be the key to the management of coronavirus for the most vulnerable patients and patients. In 2001, the BC Liberal government introduced legislation allowing a number of long-term care companies to vote on the existing master`s collective agreement, which guaranteed all workers in the paid sick leave sector. The result today is the fragmentation of contracts, Whiteside said, of different provisions for more than 80 separate agreements negotiated by HEU since 2001. Anyone who decides that they cannot afford to stay sick at home would likely become an extension of coronavirus in long-term institutions, so it is in the public interest to eliminate these financial constraints, work managers say. This prompted the labour leaders to ensure that the B.C. government regulates by law the days of illness protected immediately for medical personnel.

And they go further and push the same in all sectors. If their demands are met, a social side effect of COVID-19 would be major changes in B.C.`s labor laws, a need that unions say is two decades into emergence. In B.C. anyone who tests positive for the virus can be isolated from their workplace for two weeks while the disease is ongoing. But the years-long erosion of occupational health and safety exposes many of them to double risk. If they have the virus and need to be quarantined, their paychecks cannot cover their time. «But in case we do, we don`t want workers to make the unbearable decision to be afraid of losing their jobs if they are diagnosed with something where they need to be quarantined for 14 days.» Following the provision of the Personal Data Protection Act,`s personal data is treated confidentially and is not sold, exchanged, disclosed, shared or distributed to other persons, entities or agencies without prior consent or notification.