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Bailment Agreement Tooling

8 abril, 2021

A joint tool agreement with a Chinese manufacturer stipulates that a fixed number of production processes or units are required before the tools are returned to you. Sounds familiar? If you have ever parked your car in a paid car, you have used a lease. In short, he says that I realize it is your property and as long as you pay the agreed fee, I have an absolute obligation to return your property to you. Why would you risk your tools and the designs that fit into it when such an easily accepted solution is available? So instead of getting involved in this kind of nonsense, we`re instead entering into a yawning agreement. If you have already made such an arrangement, you have given your plans by authorizing the contract. Here in China, a factory attracts you by offering to return the costs of tools after a certain period /duration of production. But in this way, you have confirmed their ownership reports in Eternity of the underlying tools and designs, which are embedded in these tools. And because you`ve given your design, you`ll never have the right to get it back. I know there are differences of opinion on this, and if you want to pay someone a thousand dollars an hour to fight you, go ahead. It won`t work, but if it makes you feel better, your lawyer to buy another yacht, either.

It`s your money. There are rules in China, and if you follow them, the police and customs work for you, as part of their public service missions, as they do in your home country. Over the years, we have done it hundreds of times. In fact, in situations where a factory has refused, we simply call the police and they pick up your belongings for you – at their expense.