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Development And Manufacturing Agreement

9 abril, 2021

You may have made your product abroad and you will need the final stages of assembly at home to qualify as «Made in the UK». But in the agreement, the company that works on the product does not necessarily have to be in the UK – it could be as easily abroad. The agreement includes internationally recognized incoterms for delivery and is suitable for use if your manufacturer has its headquarters outside the UK. 1.3 SYSTEM ANALYSIS TESTS. For all systems designed by TIETECH in accordance with ICOP DIGITAL, TIETECH establishes an appropriate testing protocol and conducts the test in accordance with this protocol. ICOP DIGITAL creates the system verification protocol and ICOP DIGITAL performs the verification and software validation of the product (systemverification testing). Third-party testing (qualified independent testing facilities) is paid for by ICOP DIGITAL in addition to the corresponding test equipment that is previously approved by ICOP DIGITAL and is a representative of ICOP DIGITAL. Test materials are the exclusive property of ICOP DIGITAL and TIETECH will only use them if they are used to make these pennies. ICOP DIGITAL collects and/or prepares for TIETECH data, including vibrations, shocks, temperatures, etc. of the actual environment in which the product is used.

ICOP DIGITAL also performs operational verification during and at the end of development, operational verification on the test course itself (field test), durability and durability testing, and final receiving tests. These are full version contracts that cover not only the production of goods, but also, in most documents, additional services that can be provided by the manufacturer: development and dementia assistance, processing and assembly and packaging. This agreement applies to an agreement in which you have a complete unit or most parts for a product and another company must continue to work on your product to finalize it. 5. Each party understands that the confidentiality agreement does not require the other party to disclose information, provide product models or prototypes, or negotiate or enter into an agreement or relationship with the other party. 2.10 CHANGE OF CONTROL. In the event that ICOP Digital is acquired or merged with another organization after paying the full $134 million of NRE DOLLARS and depositing US$1 million to TIETECH, as described in Schedule IV.