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Evaluation License Agreement

8 diciembre, 2020

1.2. Restrictions, unless this Agreement grants an express or implied license or any right of any kind to the customer and the customer (i) is not allowed to make additional copies of the right of access and use of the Software; (ii) translate, decompil or use, copy, modify or distribute the software in any way; (iii) delete all copies of the software from the cloud; (iv) charging third parties for access and use of the software or allowing others to incriminate them; or (v) use the software in a production environment or for the operation of a service office, or otherwise use the software, directly or indirectly, to generate revenue or use the software for commercial purposes. 1.1. Licensing within a 30-day period from the date of acceptance of this agreement («assessment period») Axway grants the customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-transferable and non-transferable license for access and use of API management software in the cloud (together the «software») only for the use of the software trial and evaluation , without any other right to download, sublicensing, distribution of the software. , to be transmitted or transmitted. All rights granted are for access and use of the software in the cloud, and the customer is not allowed to use the source code below. Cus-tomer cannot access the software in a production environment or for production purposes and use it. 4.2. All support and maintenance services require the implementation of a separate service agreement between the parties.

This evaluation licensing agreement for the evaluation of OAG products (the «contract») is concluded and concluded by and between OAG («OAG») and you («customer») of Section 5 below. If you agree, declare and guarantee, on behalf of a company such as your employer, that you: (i) have the full power to bind the company to this agreement, (ii) have read and understood this agreement and (iii) approve the terms of that agreement on behalf of that organization. If you do not have full authority to hire such an entity or if you do not accept these terms and conditions, do not click the «I accept» button below. This agreement governs the customer`s use of OAG (product) products selected in the online registration document («product») and the data contained in the product («data») provided by oAG to the customer. This contract is valid from the date you receive an email from OAG confirming that access to the product is available (the «effective date»). 1. User rights1.1 OAG grants the customer a limited license, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, for free use of the product for a period of fourteen (14) trial period (the «trial period») exclusively for internal evaluation and testing purposes.1.2 The customer agrees that the data should not be copied, disseminated, displayed, transmitted or transferred in any form to third parties. The customer: (a) does not remove identification, copyright, trademarks or data from the product or data; (b) modify or establish the data or parts of this data or, to the extent that paragraph 1 otherwise allows, integrate the data or some of that data into other programs or materials; or (c) allow any user of the product to download, extract, copy or reproduce all or substantial part of the data and keep it in a secondary database.