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Outsystems Master Subscription Agreement

14 diciembre, 2020

Any software made available for download from services («Software») is the copyrighted work of OutSystems. The use of the software is, if applicable, subject to the terms of the end-user`s license agreement, which is included in the software or software («Licensing agreement»). An end user cannot install software associated with or containing a license agreement unless they accept the terms of the license agreement. (1) This is the requirement for the availability of services for the availability of applications made available to end-users in production environments called «production.» The operating time for the ability to develop and provide applications is 99.50% for all subscriptions. Service exclusions apply. 12.8 Audits. For the duration of this contract and for a period of 3 years after termination, each party holds books and records of this agreement and/or of this product, not. Each party may, through quality checks, verify and verify the other party`s documents to verify compliance with the rights and obligations arising from this agreement. This review can only take place once a year, fifteen working days before the written notification to the other party. All audit-related costs are borne by the audit party. The parties agree to cooperate with the audit and provide appropriate support and access to the other party.

Any examination must be carried out during the normal duration of the work so as not to affect the activity of the contracting party on the examination. The review does not include access to internal guidelines, computer systems or any other information that does not directly relate to the agreement and/or product. I see that the discussion is slowly slipping into the use of the `user` AO. I completely agree with Killian on his right to review the use of AO. 9.1 Full agreement and ranking. This EBA, which varies from time to time, represents the entire agreement on end-user access and/or use of the software. The terms of an order or similar customer document are excluded; these conditions do not apply to OutSystem and do not complement or amend these C.A.A. 7.3 Objection. If necessary, OutSystems updates the subprocessors listed in Schedule B quarterly, allowing the customer to reasonably object to such a change within 30 days of the first day of the quarterly update containing the corresponding subprocessor (the first day of January, April, July or October). The client agrees to be informed of the changes to Appendix B via the OutSystems website and agrees to review the list quarterly.

When the client informs OutSystems of any objection to the proposed appointment within 30 days of the above list update, the contracting parties cooperate to provide an economically reasonable change in service delivery that avoids the use of this proposed subprocessor. The costs associated with this change are, if any, borne by the customer. 12.10 No invitation. During the duration of this agreement and for a period of twelve (12) months after, none of the contracting parties directly or indirectly applied for the employment of any of the workers on the other contracting party. This promise must be considered an independent agreement, but it is next to another provision of that agreement. However, the parties agree that the restrictions set out in the above sentences do not apply to general appeals to the general public.