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Recaptcha License Agreement

15 diciembre, 2020

A permissive license similar to the BSD 2-Clause license, but with a 3rd clause that prohibits others from using the name of the project or its contributors to promote derivatives without written consent. During the duration of the agreement that Google has agreed to make the Google Cloud platform available to the customer (the «agreement»), the covered service will provide the customer with a monthly usage percentage of at least 99.9% (the «Service Level Objective» or «SLO»). Apart from the rights and responsibilities described in this section (in the event of a problem or disagreement), Google is not responsible for any other losses, unless they are caused by our violation of these conditions or by additional service-specific conditions. In other words, a privacy policy is a «necessary notification» under Google`s terms of use, because CalOPPA makes it necessary: Google and the California Online Privacy Protection Act require a privacy agreement if a website or reCAPTCHA application is integrated. Some of our services include software offered under open source licensing conditions that we provide. Sometimes there are open source licensing provisions that explicitly suspend parts of these terms, so please read those licenses. This license covers your content if such content is protected by intellectual property rights. We need your permission if your intellectual property rights limit our use of your content. You give this license to Google via this license. It is not legal advice. Learn more about filing licenses. As part of the terms of use, Google requires that websites that use its reCAPTCHA service contain a privacy policy.

If you remove the content covered by this license from our services, our systems will no longer make this content available to the public within a reasonable time. There are two exceptions: in addition to data protection, Antonio A Cassili [41] indicates that Google is making a profit from Recaptcha users as free employees to improve its AI searches Of course, you are free to no longer use our services at any time. If you stop using a service, we would be happy to know why we can continue to improve our services. If Google does not meet the SLO and the customer fulfills its obligations under the ALS, the customer is entitled to receive the financial credits described below. This ALS indicates the customer`s only exclusive and exclusive remedy for Google`s inability to complete the SLO. The wholesale terms that are used in this ALS but are not defined in alS have the meaning indicated in the agreement. If the agreement authorizes the resale or availability of Google Cloud Platform as part of a Google Cloud partner or reseller program, all customer references in this SLA partner or reseller apply (if applicable) and all financial credits apply only to the orders of affected partners or resellers under the agreement. If you are legally exempt from certain responsibilities, including compensation, these responsibilities do not apply to you under these conditions. For example, the ORGANISATION enjoys certain immunities of legal obligations and these conditions do not outweigh those immunities.