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Va Pharmaceutical Master Agreement

19 diciembre, 2020

2. The Federal Agency`s PBO conducts an immediate verification of the data upon receipt of the notification and documents provided by the contractor. The parties undertake to do their best to resolve disputes within 60 days of receiving the written notification from the PBO. During this period, the contractor will act diligently in the performance of this contract and will use the administrative remedies under this clause before filing a dispute in accordance with the litigation clause introduced in this contract. The benefit includes the transfer of a possible refund due to the Federal Agency on the basis of data provided by the PBO, with which the contractor disagrees. If the written statement of disagreement in favour of the contractor is settled, the federal authority reimburses the contractor the amount of the refund returned, the amount of the error and simple interest on the amount repaid to the amount repaid under the Contract Disputes Act 1978 as amended. US). C 601-603) from the date of receipt of the transfer of the refund at odds with the contractor. The General Services Administration (GSA) proposes: the General Services Acquisition Regulation (GSAR) to add a new subsection and a clause required by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), in accordance with the convention intention provided by Section 603 of the Veterans Health Care Act 1992 (VHCA) that some federal authorities (z.B VA, Department of Defense (DoD) , Public Health Service (including the Indian Health Service) , and the Coast Guard) have access to federal prices for drugs purchased for their beneficiaries. The body removed several articles from the agreement and removed others, said Ibidun Roberts, who represents NVAC. 3. If the federal authority and the contractor are unable to resolve the dispute within 60 days of receiving the contractor`s written notification (and the extensions possibly agreed upon by the parties), the holder has exhausted the administrative remedies provided for by this clause and may continue the dispute resolution measures provided for by the dispute clause and the Contractual Disputes Act of 1978. , as amended.

It is estimated that as a result of these changes, the rule will apply to approximately two dozen small businesses. It should be noted that more than half of these companies have gross annual sales of more than $20 million, which is very favourable compared to their major business partners. In addition, the high gross sales of small pharmaceutical companies indicates that reporting sales and paying refunds to federal authorities referred to in Section 603 will have little significant impact on them. Budget demand reflected savings of $172.0 million over the use of federal retail pharmaceutical prices in fiscal 2005. The Committee agrees that funding for the health defence application does not reflect the expected savings for retail pharmaceuticals as of June 2004, when federal prices approved by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs under Title 38, United States Code, are applied in a new retail pharmacy program.