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Yed Software License Agreement

22 diciembre, 2020

(b) Maturity License: If you have acquired a expiry license, the agreement will continue for the period indicated in the software description or other applicable documentation provided by yWorks. The license automatically expires at the end of this period. When the license expires, the license grants contained in this license will expire and you will have to stop using the software. All parts of this Agreement, which should be maintained by nature, will survive the expiry of the licence, including, but not limited to, payment terms, warranty exclusions, confidentiality conditions and limitations of liability. The obligations of yWorks in this section are also subject to the written notification of yWorks as soon as you have received such a covered claim. You are obligated to provide the licensee with a copy of any notification of the covered right they receive from the applicant (except for the fact that you and yWorks, with respect to confidential communications, you will agree on an appropriate confidentiality agreement and that such disclosure depends on the prior agreement of the third-party applicant) and you will give authority , information and support to yWorks that are required to defend or pay for the right to cover yWorks` costs. if you agree to compensate a full claim (subject to the liability limits provided for it). Under no circumstances do you have the right to enter into a transaction without the prior written consent of yWorks, and yWorks will not be responsible for a transaction that will not take place without its prior written consent. If the dispute involves other claims, then yWorks agrees to negotiate in good faith your business with respect to the direction of defense and the sharing of the costs of the defense; However, provided that nothing in this paragraph can restrict yWorks` ability and authority to defend, at its sole discretion, all covered claims for which you agree to grant full liability (subject to the limits of liability set out here) and not to lighten anything in this Agreement. I think one solution that has been neglected for too long is the visual paradigm.

It is a closed source, but it has a free community edition (non-commercial use) and is very stable and polite. In addition, the only commercial UML license is only $99. (d) Your own software applications should not make the features provided by the Software available in a way that allows a third party to use these applications as a total or partial replacement of the Software. In particular, this means that your applications may not make the API available to a third-party provider that allows them to access the features provided by the software. Distributable works can only be distributed for the sole purpose of running applications authorized by this Contract that you have created with the Software. They say «yed licensees are individuals,» but a court would most likely decide otherwise, because the license does not say who the licensee is, and I doubt a court can see an employee who acts as part of his job as a licensee.